Published: 27 November 2016| Version 8 | DOI: 10.17632/kvvmg6dyj5.8
Jason Robert Lewis Sentinella


• MRF – means, Magnetic Resonance Field (Dark Energy/Matter) created from previous resonance times by 2 • fg – means, an external MRF equal to the same base equations divided by 2 (resonance = 1,079,252,849) • f – means, Forces’ and represents the MRF (resonance = 2,158,505,698) • fh – means, an external MRF equal to the same base equations time by 2 (resonance = 4,317,011,395) • b – means, Black holes • c – means, the speed of light • d – means, time • da – means, Distance within light • e – means, Energy • r – means, rotation • m – means, Matter • g – means, Gravity • u – means, universe equilibrium • dm - means, Dark Matter f = c2 b=c(e-f)c c= f/2 d=(da/c)/2 da= dc2 e= f(dc2) r= (ef)/(f(dc2) m= r/((ef)( f(dc2)) g=r/m u=c(b-e)/c dm=(rg)/m MRF=MRF2 There is no outer membrane of our universe, the shell around the outer most limits of our expanding universe is the laws of physics itself created from the beginning and therefore gave our universe the laws in which it abides and the MRF in which all our universe is contained and expanding. When the energy releases from the previous MRF, it created our MRF2 in which at the same time of the release from the previous MRF, the photon was recreated from our MRF. The photon reduces back into the MRF at the of entry into the Black Hole inline with b=c(e-f)c as light cannot increase inline with the rate required to enter the Black Hole therefore reduces back to its foundation which is the MRF. Therefore, light is part MRF and part matter which is then the ultimate perfect imbalance between a two dimensional and three-dimensional universe which now allows the beginning for (ef)/(f(dc2) and r/((ef)( f(dc2)) and r/m. Our universe with the increased energy physics created from the previous MRF now creates its own sustainable energy input and output which in turn is the process of MRF2. This is the process of sustainable multi universal physics. This singularity has no area, all area is contained within it which allows multi dimensions/universes which are derived by MRF’s at a different energy level. Any conceived space between universes is not an area of space, it is this 1 dimensional singularity. Once the new energy level stabilises to that universe equilibrium, the Black Hole will close off with a burst of energy back through the Black Hole equal to the previous universes MRF. Dark Matter is the MRF’s but a distorted portion of The MRF’s closest to the matter that is creating the distortion. Dark Energy is also the MRF’s it is just the undistorted portion that is further away from the matter. The area of the MRF’s closest to the mass of matter (galaxy) assists gravity to keep the mass in equilibrium with itself. The indented distortion of the MRF’s (also known as Dark Matter) is now the distorted/indent within the MRF’s required to keep matter together. Therefore (rg)/m is Dark Matter which is equal to it’s MRF. Dark Energy is equal to its MRF which again, is the MRF’s.


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Quantum Physics, General Relativity