Farooq Ahmad Chaudhary 2020 - psychosocial

Published: 2 March 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/kw4t627mmt.1
Basaruddin Ahmad


Data shows the mediation of oral health behaviours in the relationship between psychosocial distress and oral health conditions. It included psychometric (OHIP-14, HADS, SWAP, BRS, RSES, MSPSS), clinical (DMFT, CPI, OHI-S, oral health status derived from the three clinical variables), health behaviours and sociodemographic measures used in the report "The relationship between psychosocial distress and oral health status in patients with facial burns and mediation by oral health behaviour." (submitted)


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Data is from a cross-sectional study carried out at a burn centre in Islamabad, Pakistan. The participants were recruited using systematic random sampling. Consented participants were examined extra and intra-orally and asked to complete psychometric instruments. Data were entered in SPSS for analysis. it also included variables oral health status and health behaviour derived using the principal component analysis.


Universiti Sains Malaysia - Kampus Kesihatan


Dentistry, Dental Epidemiology, Behavioral Factor in Public Health, Oral Health, Mediation Analysis