Anthropometric Data of KUET students

Published: 4 March 2024| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/kw7fd465v7.2
Md Abrar Jahin,


Number of male students: 300 Number of female students: 80 The anthropometric and NMQ data was collected from the students, including batches 2k18, 2k19, 2k20, and 2k21. Confidentiality of participant responses was strictly maintained. All data collected were anonymized and stored securely. Only the research team has access to the raw data, and findings will be reported in aggregate form to ensure the anonymity of participants. Participants were provided with informed consent forms detailing the purpose of the study, their rights as participants, and procedures for data handling. Participation in the survey was voluntary, and participants had the right to withdraw at any time without penalty. The NMQ study identified and ensured that musculoskeletal pain exists in university students. Cronbach alpha reliability test assured that the survey was within the acceptable range, thus being reliable.



Khulna University of Engineering and Technology


Ergonomics, Anthropometry, Ergonomic Design