Opisthorchis viverrini infection induces metabolic and fecal microbial disturbances in association with liver and kidney pathologies in hamsters

Published: 04-10-2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/kwcnhj4tjb.2
Thatsanapong Pongking,
Ornuma Haonon,
Zhigang Liu,
Rungtiwa Dangtakot,
Kitti Intuyod,
Porntip Pinlaor,
Anucha Puapairoj,
Ubon Cha’on,
Chatchawan Sengthong,
Sudarat Onsurathum,
Manachai Yingklang,
Jutarop Phetcharaburanin,
Jia V. Li,
Somchai Pinlaor


The raw gut bacterial sequencing data obtained from hamsters treated with different interventions including 1) O. viverrini-infected hamsters (1 month 4 months p.i.) and 2) non-infected control group (NC at 1 m and NC at 4 m).