Data for: Behavioural strategies of three wild-derived populations of the house mouse (Mus m. musculus and M. m. domesticus) in five standard tests of exploration and boldness: searching for differences attributable to subspecies and commensalism

Published: 29 September 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/kwjg3grccx.1
Eva Landová,
Petra Voráčková,
Jovana Sadlova,
Barbora Vobrubová,
Barbora Kaftanová-Eliášová,
Daniel Frynta


Five behavioural tests on three populations of house mouse. Populations: IR = non-commensal Mus musculus musculus from Now Kandeh, Iran; CZ = commensal M. m. musculus from Prague, Czech Republic; SYR = non-commensal M. m. domesticus from Halabyiah, Syria. Tests: FrOF = open field with free exploration; FoOF = open field with forced exploration; HB = hole board test; VA = vertical activity test; EPM = elevated plus maze



Animal Behavior, Anxiety, Exploration