Dataset of the Perceived Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Program, Projects, and Activities Degree of Attainment, Awareness, and Socio-demographic Variables of Women

Published: 30 June 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/kwmk9k3bhc.1
Annel Ruth Celis


This data article describes the three dataset used in the path finding analysis. The first dataset is the socio-demographics data of the 1,341 women. The second dataset is for the women’s perceived degree of attainment of the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRMM) programs, project, and activities. And lastly, is the awareness level of women in terms of disaster warning signages, personal and safety measure, evacuation management, first aid measure, and communication network. Data were collected from the multi-stage sampling in the identification of respondents to be given with the survey questionnaire. First, is the stratified sampling for dividing the strata into female and male population. Then, cluster sampling for clustering the female strata situated in the most vulnerable barangay in the Province of Biliran. Afterwards, simple random sampling to identify women’s respondents. Data have been collected from April to May 2019.



Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences