Data for: Krackhardt Data Over Time: The Evolution and Emergent Properties of Network Perceptions

Published: 8 September 2023| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/kx83jd9wgp.4
Keith O. Hunter


Manuscript presenting this data and descriptive findings under development with early draft being updated on SSRN ( . The data consist of 6 consecutive weeks of Krackhardt data (aka Cognitive Social Structures or CSS) for 20 leadership students working together in 4 groups and experiencing a high-affect group-based experience at week 3. Network data provide structural perceptions, including self, for both Advice and Friend relations. Additional data include assorted participant attributes including study group memberships, groups based quantitative and qualitative outcomes from the mid-course experience, and a full description of that experience (a learning exercise inspired by the classic Prisoner's Dilemma). Survey questions utilized are also provided. Please note that the network data are provided in two different formats: 1) format is CSV , with multiple individual files (and interpretation instructions) within a ZIP compressed file and 2) an RData file that may be of greater interest to R programmers. The researcher sharing this data appreciates your use of this data with attribution in acknowledgement of this effort and in support of open data for our research community.



University of San Francisco School of Management


Organizational Behavior, Social Network Analysis, Social Networks, Social Network