Video Data for: Pericardin, a Drosophila Collagen, facilitates accumulation of hemocytes at the heart

Published: 26 June 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/kx92j94crs.1
roger jacobs, Camilla Michalski, meryl acker, Duygu Cevik


DV hemocytes move with heart contraction. Hemocytes expressing Hml-dsRed (video 2) flank the dorsal vessel outlined with Vkg-GFP (video 1) and move medially with each heart contraction. Hemocyte distribution is not restricted to the locations of the ostia, which are medial to the arrowheads. More laterally, other labeled hemocytes do not move with the heart. These are associated with the ectoderm, in the dorsal stripe (ds). Representative still image combines vkg-GFP and Hml-dsRed during systole. Lateral cluster (arrow) and the dorsal stripe (ds) is faintly visible in the background Genotype: hmldsred,vkg-GFP/+ Scale bar: 100 μm. hl: heart lumen; ds: dorsal stripe. Frame rate: 20 frames/second.



Drosophila, Heart, Larva, Hemocytes