Freshwater snail community composition in representative waterways in Emek HaMa'ayanot, Israel, summer 2020

Published: 2 February 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/kxs38wg49w.1
Sharon Moscovitz,


Absolute abundance data of the freshwater snails of Emek HaMa'ayanot, Israel, from the summer of 2021, on a water source (spring) to fishpond gradient. Rows - snails are divided according to their species and size grades. Columns - triplicates. Bottom rows include date of collection and the site name, code, rank and rank category. Abiotic data from the same locations - O2 saturation, NO2-, NH4+, water temperature and times.


Steps to reproduce

Reproduce: Collect snails from the frame by skimming off the top of approximately 3 cm of sediment with a trowel or by hand when using a trowel were not possible from a 0.25 m^2 square farme. The locations for the triplicate samplings were selected randomly at each site. Each sample triplicate was analyzed separately to examine the local heterogeneity in the snail species. wash snails clean of sediment and sludge and sieve through a series of three metal sieves, 6-, 4-, and 2-mm mesh. Separate snails into three size categories, >6 mm, 4–6 mm, and 2–4 mm, respectively. In each size category, separate snails morphologically according to species (Milstein et al., 2012). Count the snails from each species and size grades. Triplicates were taken from each site three times during the summer of 2021. Abiotic factors were sampled once at each site at every sampling event. NH4+ (in mg L -1) and NO2- (in mg L-1) were determined colorimetrically with the Merck MColorset Ammonium and Nitrite test kits, respectively. Site locations: A1 32.506233ºN, 35.445467ºE A2 32.500003ºN, 35.463298ºE A3 32.481461ºN, 35.482342ºE B1 32.470799ºN, 35.504032ºE B2 32.470885ºN, 35.505362ºE B3 32.468387oN, 35.501628oE B4 32.470740ºN, 35.507947ºE C1 32.400255ºN, 35.526339ºE D1 32.478925ºN, 35.456342ºE D2 32.477681ºN, 35.457594ºE D3 32.471812oN, 35.468460oE D4 32.474958ºN, 35.479494ºE D5 32.481461ºN, 35.482342ºE E1 32.450661ºN, 35.545561ºE E2 32.446199ºN, 35.551299ºE


Ben-Gurion University of the Negev


Community Ecology, Snail, Freshwater Ecology, Freshwater Aquaculture