Dataset for instant course attainment indication

Published: 14 April 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/kxzz9zcz5r.1
Ajit Kumar N Shukla


Hypothesis: The measurement of course attainment is often highly involved, so most of the time the concerned faculty members falter to take corrective action in time. Finding: This dataset provides an easy insight to indicate the course attainment as a various assessment tool is used while delivering the course. It allows the faculty members to quickly adapt to newer teaching and learning strategy meeting the course outcome. In the absence of this, course attainment is seen more as post-processing when one has completed the course. How data was collected: The input required to indicate the course attainment is the target value, university norms for the allocation of grades, list of the assessment tool and count of students. It provides the gross course attainment independent of course outcome level. How to interpret and use it: Higher the count of student for a given performance level, indicate that course attainment value assigned to that level.


Steps to reproduce

Use the survey form after each assessment to count the number of students falling under various category like Challenged, Medium and High performer.


Pranveer Singh Institute of Technology


Arts and Humanities, Applied Sciences, Social Sciences