Laboratory acoustic emission experiments on a slider-model

Published: 19 January 2021| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/kykwmjmpgf.3
Kseniya Morozova


The dataset is compiled of the data obtained in laboratory experiments at the geomechanical test bench in the Sadovsky Institute for Dynamics of Geospheres of Russian Academy of Sciences. The experiments were devoted to investigating acoustic emission (AE), accompanying the evolution of a simulated gouge-filled fault. Deformation experiments were performed on a slider model setup with a precise control of mechanical parameters and monitoring the acoustic signal in the frequency band of 20-80 kHz. We used a threshold algorithm to detect AEs. The fault model was simulated by an interface beneath a granite block located on a granite rod 2.5 m long. The size of moveable block was 8×8×4.5 cm, the mass – 0.8 kg. The contact between rough surfaces of the block and the rod was filled with a layer of granular material 3 mm thick. We realized the entire spectrum of slip modes by changing composition of the filler and its particle size distribution. The moveable block slid along the interface under the applied normal and shear forces. The normal stress was 80kPa. The shear stress was applied to the block through an elastic element. Its free end was pulled at a constant velocity of 8 μm/s. The displacement of the block relative to the base was measured with the laser sensor ILD2220-10 (Micro-Epsilon, Germany) in the frequency band of 0-5kHz, accurate to 0.1 μm. The AE sensors were VS30-V (Vallen System, Germany). The operational frequency band was 20–80 kHz. The acoustic signal was processed by AEP5 charge amplifiers and acquired at the sample rate of 1 MHz by the 14-bit analog-to-digital converter E20-10 (L-Card, Russia). The signal is provided in units of voltage. The dataset includes: (i) time series of AEs parameters [time (s), duration (s), energy (a.u.), amplitude As (V), peak-to-peak amplitude ΔA(V), waveform index (a.u.)]; (ii) displacement of the block [time (s), displacement (mm)]; (iii) list of fault fillers used in the experiments.



Acoustic Emission