European Used Commercial Car On-line Market Monitoring in 2023

Published: 22 December 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/kz6hh7832p.1


The pre-owned commercial vehicles market in Europe has traditionally reflected the level of growth and degree of economic development of the member countries of the union. The situation began to change following changes in the policy of the European Union and the legislative consolidation of the Green Deal, including in the field of transport and commercial transportation. The pre-owned commercial vehicles market is faced with the need to replace outdated models with environmentally friendly ones. Despite this, in recent years, in the field of commercial transportation, the issue has been resolved by increasing the requirements for traditional vehicles. Freight transport on an emission-free basis is still a rarity on the market. This database shows the state of the pre-owned commercial vehicles on-line market in Europe. The state of the market allows to assess the necessary changes in the situation to achieve climate neutrality goals. The database contains market observations in 16 European Union countries, collected at monthly intervals through 2023. The database mainly displays the vehicles used in the delivery of goods in local delivery (last – mile deliveries). The indicators collected may vary by country. The database is accompanied by a description of the available indicators for each country. The database contains about 2.5 mil. observations. In the first dataset version, data published without corrections, or minor corrections, as they are collected.



Rigas Tehniska universitate


Economy, Transport, Econometrics, Environment Protection, Data Science, Logistics, Emissions


Latvijas Zinātnes Padome

FAR programme, project TRANS4ECO, project No. lzp-2022/1-0306, 01.01.2023.- 31.12.2025.