Data for: The branching ratio of intercombination $A^1\Sigma^+\sim b^3\Pi\to a^3\Sigma^+/X^1\Sigma^+$ transitions in the RbCs molecule: measurements and calculations

Published: 07-09-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/m256t3pv3r.1
Ruvin Ferber,
Andrey Stolyarov


The spin-allowed A1Sigma+-X1Sigma+ and b3Pi-a3Sigma+ TDM functions of the RbCs molecule obtained by the scalar-relativistic CI-CPP calculations. The fully relativistic (2,3)0+ - (1)0+ curves are the original TDM functions obtained using FSRCC-FF method in the framework of the conventional adiabatic representation. And their quasi-diabatic A0+ - X0+, b0+ - a1, b1 - a0- TDM functions derived from the relativistic FSRCC-FF data.