Micrometeorology and surface topography of debris-covered Lirung Glacier, Nepal, October-November 2014

Published: 11-04-2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/m2g3mg4364.1
Evan Miles,
Jakob Steiner,
Fanny Brun,
Pascal Buri,
Francesca Pellicciotti,
Ibai Rico,
Peter Hill


Micrometeorology (wind and temperature tower data) and surface elevation models for Lirung Glacier, Nepal, collected in October and November of 2014. Also includes GCPs and orthoimages for each DEM.


Steps to reproduce

Methodology for DEM generation is documented in rapport_M2_fanny_brun.pdf, a MS thesis which is not otherwise publicly available. Original photos are available on request.