Online Learning versus Face to Face Learning toward Students: Which can be an effective way of Learning Methodology to our current Educational System?

Published: 11 June 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/m2prrm7c3g.1
Christopher Lee


Over the past many decades, Face to Face teaching and learning are the main source of education in the Philippines. These were brought up many years ago by all academic institutions in the community. Many of us learners and educators progressed on how physical classes becomes successful because of its direct and onset teaching-to-learning education. But when the global academe status struck by a health crisis known as the Covid-19 Pandemic dated back the year 2020 until now, many of its educational workforce such as DepEd and CHED decided to transition its academic strategy from face to face learning into online and virtual classes. Thats why every Schools, Colleges, and Universities adjust the way that online learning will transform and managed every cornerstone of our educational management compared with Face to Face Learning.



Technological University of the Philippines


Active Learning, Physical Activity Effects on Learning, Physical Interaction, Online Learning, Teacher Assessment, Teacher Effectiveness, Academic Assessment, Student Education, Student Development