Online teaching during the quarantine of the COVID 19 from Brazilian and Vietnamese teachers' perspectives: A qualitative study

Published: 23-08-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/m2xjxtsmxb.1
Tú Anh Hà,
Giovanna Silva


The data shows teachers' experience of online teaching during the quarantine of the COVID 19. The data aims to find out both challenges that teachers face and successes that they have achieved when shifting to online education during the pandemic of the COVID 19. Using a survey with 107 teachers from Brazil and Vietnam (57 Vietnamese teachers and 50 Brazilian teachers), the data finds out some key challenges of online teaching, including: (i) the interaction inside and outside the classroom, (ii) physical access to technology, (iii) health issues (especially in terms of mentality), (iv) and adaptation of methodologies. Regarding the successes, the data identifies some achievements that teachers have succeeded related to professional improvement, including: (i) technology skills, (ii) adaptation of teaching methods, and (iii) interaction with students.