Data for: Time-in-space comparison in geography: An approach to longitudinal studies of urban inequality

Published: 04-05-2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/m3y4jncvch.2
Oseias Martinuci,
Matheus Libório


Data from the last two demographic censuses carried out in Brazil (years 2000 and 2010). City: Maringá, State of Paraná. Code - Variable VD1 - Inhabitants per household VD2 - Heads between 10 and 19 years old VD3 - Dependency ratio VD4 - Up to one year old VE1 - Heads Without Income VE2 - Heads with more than 20 minimum wages VE3 - Heads with up to 02 minimum wages VED1 - Illiterate people (10-14 years old) VED2 - Illiterate household heads VH1 - Household without bathroom VH2 - Households with 04 bathrooms or more VH3 - Households connected to the sewage network VH4 - Households connected to the general-water network VH5 - Rented or leased households Data from: Google VA1 - Vegetation Coverage Index (NDVI)