Data for: Time-in-space analysis of multidimensional phenomena

Published: 12 April 2024| Version 5 | DOI: 10.17632/m3y4jncvch.5


Data from the last two demographic censuses carried out in Brazil (years 2000 and 2010). Cities: Apucarana, Foz do Iguaçu, Guarapuava, Londrina, Maringá-Sarandi-Paiçandu, Ponta Grossa e Toledo. State of Paraná, Brazil. Code - Indicator DM1 - Inhabitants per household DM2 - Heads between 10 and 19 years old DM3 - Dependency ratio DM4 - Up to one year old EC1 - Heads Without Income EC2 - Heads with more than 20 minimum wages EC3 - Heads with up to 02 minimum wages ED1 - Illiterate people (10-14 years old) ED2 - Illiterate household heads HS1 - Household without bathroom HS2 - Households with 04 bathrooms or more HS3 - Households connected to the sewage network HS4 - Households connected to the general-water network HS5 - Rented or leased households Data from: Google EN1 - Vegetation Coverage (NDVI)



Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Minas Gerais, Universidade Estadual de Maringa


Geodemography, Geography, Demography