Data for: On the asphericity of the figures of Pluto and Charon

Published: 7 October 2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/m5nkkftgtb.2
Konstantin Kholshevnikov, Maria Borukha, Boris Eskin, Denis Mikryukov


Functions Oblate(q, beta) and Stokes(q, beta) deduce numerical values of $\alpha$ and $I_2$ for given $q$ and $\beta$. In the body of each function the numeric type of data 'long double' is used to calculate the coefficients $p_k, s_k$, which provides a more accurate decimal representation of rational numbers compared to the type 'double'. Both functions are defined in the PlutoCharon.cpp library file. More detailed description of the operation of these functions can be found in the file PlutoCharon.h.



Power Series, Gravitational Theory