Dark I-V data of CZTS/CdS/ZnO diode device

Published: 26 April 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/m5nyw2w4sv.1
Teoman Özdal


The determination of some properties of the CZTS based heterojunctions with simple and low-cost method such as I-V output characterization instead of expensive and complex analysis processes is highly advantageous method. It is possible to successfully modelling of a diode current via realistic diode equation using the dark I-V output end electrostatic parameters. The acquired diode ideality factor, saturation current and series-shunt resistance variables reveal the interface and structural properties of CZTS based heterojunctions with different interface and structural properties. This dark I-V data of CZTS/CdS/ZnO device we fabricated was used to modelling of the diode current equation.



Cukurova Universitesi


Analytical Modeling, Diode