Boivin_et_al_Nanaimo Depth Profiling Table of Isotopic Data and Petrographic Results

Published: 28-08-2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/m7yz5jhptm.1
William Matthews


Table of isotopic data for all depth-profiling results. Data is separated into tabs for each measurement session. Data is further subdivided into grains, cores, rims and metamorphic grains. Table of petrographic results includes point-counting results for 11 sandstone samples measured in this study.


Steps to reproduce

Measurement method outlined in submitted manuscript to Tectonics journal. A Metasedimentary Source for Contentious Detrital Zircon Populations in the Nanaimo Basin, British Columbia, Canada; by Marie-Pier Boivin, William Matthews, Bernard Guest, Daniel Coutts, and Stephen Hubbard