Code-eelsMicr - program - Beta Less than ThetaC v5

Published: 5 October 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/m8cfbwdb7z.1
Noureddine HADJI


Updating eelsMicr. This dataset version (5) of eelsMicr is previous version, i.e. “Code of eelsMicr “Computer Program For Improved EELS Microanalysis Method”,, extended to allow doing more works and producing much more data from a single EELS spectrum. Unlike the previous versions, this version 5 of eelsMicr can be used to analyze data collected under collection semi angles larger than the plasmon cutoff angle as well. It also has in its Menu two additional options Option 0 and Option I. Option I is to give some information about eelsMicr. Option 0 is an option through which (a) one can easily get the various data needed to run eelsMicr on entering relevant intensity inputs obtained from an experimental EELS spectrum and (b) if required, one can correct the data needed to run eelsMicr for incident beam convergence effects. In this version 5, besides the real example based on powder hexagonal boron nitride data by Bertoni (2007) of version 4, which represents data obtained under parallel illumination, an additional example based on data obtained using a convergent incident beam has been given through Option 0 of this new version and, if wished, one can immediately analyze them via the Option 1-related sub program. The data of the new example were obtained from spectral data by Srot (2008). The text of the manual relative to version 4 has not been included in the here provided manual. eelsMicr last extended: September 2020 Keywords: EELS; absolute atom concentration; density; absolute specimen thickness; polyscattering; inelastic mean free path; plasmon scattering cross section; eelsMicr program; correction for incident beam convergence.



Universite Badji Mokhtar Annaba Departement de Physique


Condensed Matter Physics, Data Analysis Computer Program, Analytical Method, High Resolution Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy