Standardized Hudup dataset based on Movielens 1m

Published: 16 February 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/m8hs2rt4hw.1
Loc Nguyen


Standardized Hudup dataset receives information from raw data, which is composed of ten units such as “hdp_config”, “hdp_account”, “hdp_attribute_map”, “hdp_nominal”, “hdp_user”, “hdp_item”, “hdp_rating”, “hdp_context_template”, “hdp_context”, and “hdp_sample”. Each unit has particular functions, which is described in the section of data description. Hudup dataset is meta-data which models any raw data with abstract level. The default raw data which is source of Hudup dataset here is Movielens 1M. It is possible to consider that Hudup dataset is secondary data whereas Movielens is primary data. The raw rating data Movielens (GroupLens, 1998) 1M has 1,000,209 ratings from 6,040 users on 3,900 movies (items), which is available at



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