Vertical motion and exhumation of a crustal-scale strike-slip shear belt in the SE Asia

Published: 8 March 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/m8j8tdtp29.1
Yanlong Dong


This archive contains three data tables, the first one is zircon U-Pb dating results, and the second one is Ar-Ar dating results for hornblende, muscovite, K-feldspar. The results of age dating revealed that both the unfoliated and foliated granitic intrusions were emplaced between 112 and 125 Ma, post-magmatic melting occurred from the Early Oligocene (ca. 35 Ma), and subsequent cooling occurred into the Mid-Miocene (ca. 13 Ma). The last one is EPMA analysis results for hornblende and plagioclase, according to the pressure of the emplacement of the samples, the average emplacement depth of the Early Cretaceous granitic intrusions revealed that at least 15 km of footwall of the GLG-SZ must have been removed by vertical motion (tectonic unroofing or surface erosion and denudation) during shearing.



China University of Geosciences


Earth Sciences