[Dataset] Being an adult or an older caregiver of older people during the pandemic

Published: 19 April 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/m8rvwxsyxz.1
Mirko Di Rosa


The "Study on the consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak on INFORMAL/FAMILY/UNPAID CARERS across Europe" looks at the effect of COVID on different aspects of the carer experience. The online survey was targeted at the informal carers of older, frail or disabled people across Europe regarding their experience during the COVID-19 crisis. Overall 2,468 questionnaires submitted by informal carers in 16 countries were collected. Individuals caring for someone aged less than 65 (n=988) or not declaring the age of the care recipient (n=30), or not reporting their own age (n=24), were excluded from the analysis. In addition, observations with missing values in the main outcomes (n=36) were also excluded, thus leaving 1,390 subjects available for the analysis





Mental Health, Long-Term Care, Quality of Life, Older People, Informal Carer, COVID-19


European Commission

EaSi programme (Towards care(r)-friendly societies in Europe, VS/2020/0029)