Rich sample dataset for assessing digital innovation: Data from digitally skilled teachers in Bisha Province, Saudi Arabia

Published: 27 March 2024| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/m9b3bhzdhf.3
, Ahmad Mohammad Aldaleel, Omar Abdullah Omar ALSHEHRI


In this study, we gathered low-level digital innovation datasets among digitally skilled teachers (DSTs) of Bisha Province, Saudi Arabia and recognize the need for 1) a real assessment to measure and identify the problem(s), 2) designing and introducing a DISs training program for such teachers. A rich sample of 400 voluntary responses were conducted from the teacher’s community in Bisha, Saudi Arabia. Male and female general education teachers participated in the questionnaire, with 218 and 182 female (54.5 %) and male (45.5 %) teachers, respectively. The professional rank of practicing teachers was 286 male and female teachers (71.5 %), 66 male and female participants had the rank of a teacher, while the rest had other ranks. Herein, 94, 75, and 70 of them were majored in mathematics, Islamic education, and Arabic language, at a rate of 23.5, 18.8, and 17.5 %, respectively. Furthermore, 255 participants (63.7 %) had not received training in DISs.



Digital Innovation