Reported dataset on Environmental Kuznets Curve

Published: 29 February 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/m9bht6wb2v.1
Efthimios Zervas


Dataset includes all the papers published in Scopus database related to EKC theory during the period of 1994 to 2022. As shown in Figure 1, 18 categories were created in a table: year of publication (extracted from Scopus each papers), title of paper (extracted from Scopus or each paper), author(s) name(s) (extracted from Scopus or each paper), journal of publication (extracted from Scopus or each paper), affiliation country (extracted from Scopus or each paper), DOI (extracted from Scopus or each paper), examination country-ies (mentioned in each paper), period of included data (mentioned in each papers), independent variable(s) (mentioned in each paper), dependent variable(s) (mentioned in each paper), data source(s) (mentioned in each paper), followed methodology-ies (mentioned in each paper), shape of EK curve (Inverted U, N, Inverted N, U, monotonic and other shapes, mentioned in each papers), EKC verification (YES, NO, PARTIALLY, UNCERTAIN, mentioned in each paper), conclusion (taken from the corresponding section of documents), limitations (taken from the corresponding section and also from our analysis), proposals (taken from the corresponding section of the papers) and criticism (taken from the corresponding section and also from our analysis).


Steps to reproduce

The Scopus database was used. The keywords “Environmental Kuznets Curve” is used in the search documents tool. This search resulted to 4,079 documents [access on February 7, 2024]. We limited in a first step those written in English language, resulting to 3,941 documents. In a second step, we excluded the papers published in trade journals, resulting to 3,935 documents and, in a next step, we set the period of examination from 1994 to 2022. This step resulted in 3,225 documents. After eliminating the reviews (89 papers) and the papers that had either no full text or our institutional subscription to databases didn’t allow to download the full text (525 papers), we reached to 2,611 documents. After downloading and studying the content of all papers, we constructed a table of 18 columns, to fill in the selected information.


Hellenic Open University


Environmental Economics