Ambient noise cross-correlations in the North China Craton

Published: 16 February 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/m9ry8nbfwj.1
Jikun Feng


This dataset ( contains 74,114 ambient noise cross-correlations functions (NCFs) calculated between North China Array and adjacent permanent stations within the North China Craton. These NCFs were mainly used to retrieve body waves reflected from the 410- and 660-km interfaces and perform further analysis. Details can be found in the readme file.


Steps to reproduce

Raw waveform data of permanent stations used here are available from Data Management Centre of China National Seismic Network at Institute of Geophysics, China Earthquake Administration (doi:10.11998/SeisDmc/SN, Waveform data of portable stations are archived at China Seismic Array Data Management Center at Institute of Geophysics, China Earthquake Administration (doi:10.12001/ChinArray.Data, Restrictions apply to the availability of the raw waveform data; request for the original data needs to be sent directly to the management centers. NCFs were calculated following Feng, J. et al. Depth variations of 410 km and 660 km discontinuities in eastern North China Craton revealed by ambient noise interferometry. Geophys Res Lett 44, 8328-8335 (2017).


University of Science and Technology of China


Passive Source Seismology