Remote Learning Experiences of Secondary School Students During the COVID-19 School Closure

Published: 16 March 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/mb8sdf576c.2
Angel Mukuka


This dataset is based on research whose aim was to find out secondary school students' experiences with mathematics remote learning during the COVID-19 school closure. Respondents were 174 grade 10 and 193 grade 11 students, from six selected secondary schools within the Kitwe district of Zambia. Of the 367 students, 178 (48.5%) were male while 189 (51.5%) were female. The ages of the respondents ranged from 13 to 21 years old (M=16.92, SD = 1.47). The dataset contains three files namely, the questionnaire, closed-ended questionnaire responses, and open-ended questionnaire responses.



Mathematics Education, Online Learning