Dataset on Morphometric Evaluation of Three Solanum sp. (eggplants) in Preliminary Field Collection in Southern Nigeria

Published: 10 May 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/mbm6jnk55d.1
Ibukun Ajiboye, Jacob Popoola,


Ninety-five (95) accessions of eggplants were collected and characterized during a preliminary field trip across three major sampling areas (Southwest, Southeast, and South south) in Southern Nigeria. Eggplant was characterized using standard eggplant morphological descriptor. The qualitative and quantitative data obtained from the morphological assessment were subjected to descriptive statistics, Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), Principal Component (PC) analysis, cluster analysis, and correlation analysis. The data set provides insight into the (inter-and intraspecific) relationships among the accessions in Southern Nigeria that is important for scientists and breeders alike as well as for the conservation of eggplant species. South-south


Steps to reproduce

Qualitative traits of eggplants were scored using standard eggplant descriptors while quantitative traits were measured in SI units with measuring tapes/rulers and vernal caliper. Descriptive and Multivariate analyses were carried out on the data obtained from visual observations and quantitative measurements of eggplant traits. Python and R were the software used in computing results. Descriptive statistics were represented with charts and graphs and the percentage variance of the quantitative traits was computed. Principal component analysis (PCA) was computed, then Hierarchical clustering was conducted using the Wards distance Metric.


Covenant University


Plant Biology, Taxonomy, Phylogenetics, Genetic Diversity, Agricultural Plant


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