Pleurotus pulmonarius LBM 105 de novo whole-genome assembly

Published: 3 February 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/mbsx5b8vhm.1
Anibal Sebastian Chelaliche,


Here we present the de novo whole-genome assembly of the White-rot fungus Pleurotus pulmonarius LBM 105. The genome was assembled and annotated using the CLC workbench.


Steps to reproduce

The DNA was obtained from a 5 day mycellia grown on a liquid Malt Extract media using the protocol proposed by Fonseca et al. 2015. The DNA was sent to Macrogen, Korea for its sequencing. The reads were obtained using an Illumina Hiseq 3000 plataform. The quality of the reads was assessed using the FASTqc software. The CLC workbench and the CLC finishing module was used for the assembly and anotation of the genome. The de novo assembly was made using a 250 bubble size, a 40 word size, and a Minimun Contig Lenght of 1000. The annotations were extracted from a Pleurotus pulmonarius reference genome (PM_ss13_v1) using an annotation overlap and identity fraction of 0,8.


Universidad Nacional de Misiones Facultad de Ciencias Exactas Quimicas y Naturales


Genome Annotation, Cellulolytic Fungi, Genome Sequencing