Data for: A Numerical Study on the Internal Heat Leak Mechanisms in a Variable Property Three-Stream Heat Exchanger

Published: 20-07-2020| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/mc5sft8kyk.3
Yasser Shafiei-alamooti,
Ali Ashrafizadeh


The data is the results obtained from conjugate numerical solution of governing equations of fluid flow and heat transfer in a three stream plate-fin heat exchanger as explained in the parent paper. They consist of the ASCII text files each for one case according to table 2, and each has four sections for three fluid streams and a solid body as shown on the Fig. 3. The solution has been based on unstructured grids so each section has two parts: the nodal data and the connectivity. The files could be handled via any text editing software as well as Microsoft Excel, although they are constructed in a manner that facilitate the post-processing by Tecplot software.