Raw Data for 2020 Software Deployment Projects

Published: 25 July 2022| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/mc883tm3m4.2
Dennis Tribby


Software integration companies often measure their financial success using profit margin (%) at the completion of a project. Profit margin is influenced by many factors such as project size, industry segment and/or product deployed to name a few. The parameters that influence a project’s ultimate success or failure may be a predictor for the profit margin at project completion. Understanding how these project factors influence the final project margin is valuable information to management who can review which factors influenced the most profitable projects so derive any best practices to be applied to the lesser profitable projects. The data referenced in this paper was collected from an integrated database pulling from multiple tracking systems that holds the data of record about various aspects of project integration instances. The value of this dataset is the number of factors that a researcher can use to investigate project success and failures. Data was selected from the initial 500 projects opened and closed in 2020. Projects that were initiated in 2019 or concluded in 2021 were not included. The source of this data is from a software development company that deploys/implements to customers who purchased either manufacturing or PLM software.


Steps to reproduce

Data is original historical data from an integrated database.


University of Central Florida


Management Information Systems, Project Management, Project Close-Out, Project Success