Complete mitochondrial genome of Pterodecta felderi (Lepidoptera: Callidulidae)

Published: 10-08-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/mdfnrrcvv2.1
Keon Hee Lee


Phylogenetic tree of Obtectomera. Bayesian inference (BI) method was used for phylogenetic analysis based on the concatenated 13 PCGs and 2 rRNA genes (12,514 bp) using three partition schemes. The numbers at node indicate the Bayesian posterior probabilities (BPPs) determined by the BI method. The scale bar indicates the number of substitutions per site. Mesophleps albilinella belonging to Gelechiidae (KU366707; Park et al. 2016) was utilized as the outgroup. GenBank accession numbers are as follows: Pterodecta felderi, MT370823 (This study); Spodoptera litura, JQ647918 (Wan et al. 2013); Saturnia jonasii, MF346379 (Kim et al. 2018); Kunugia undans, KX822016 (Kim et al. 2017); Glyphodes quadrimaculalis, KF234079 (Park et al. 2015); Plodia interpunctella, KP729178 (Liu et al. 2016); Parnassius bremeri, FJ871125 (Kim et al. 2009); Potanthus flavus, KJ629167 (Kim et al. 2014); Lacosoma valva, KJ508050 (Timmermans et al. 2014); and Epicopeia hainesii, MK033610 (Yang et al. 2019).