Student Affairs Assessment Leaders Nominal Group Technique Panels

Published: 22 August 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/mdwx8y545m.1


Data were collected over a series of three modified nominal group technique (mNGT) panels. Participants were current student affairs assessment leaders (SAAL) members and were practicing assessment at their respective places of employment--each was considered as "assessment expert". Data were collected to inform the Board of Directors of SAAL. Results are being used for altering strategic plan of the organization. A quantitative questionnaire will be developed using themes from this data also. Data were collected under two separate university IRB approvals: Lamar University and West Texas A&M University, as the principal investigator changed jobs during this project.


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Inspired by this research team: Wiggins, S. T., Colby, S., Moret, L., McElrone, M., Olfert, M. D., Riggsbee, K., Opoku-Acheampong, A., & Kidd, T. (2020). A Modified Nominal Group Technique (mNGT) – Finding Priorities in Research. American Journal of Health Behavior, 44(3), 345–352. Our results led to this White Paper: Nix, J. V., Farmer-Hanson, A., and Fleming, S. L. (2023). White Paper: A modified nominal group technique (mNGT) needs assessment of student affairs assessment leadership. Student Affairs Assessment Leaders. Available here:


Rocky Vista University, Carleton College, West Texas A&M University, Lamar University


Assessment, Panel Data, Academic Assessment, Group Interviewing, Nominal Data Analysis