Data for: Interferon-gamma Release Assay Performance in Northeastern Brazil: Influence of the IFNG+874 A>T Polymorphism

Published: 14 June 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/mfcwvxwrhc.1
Valdirene Carneiro,
Roberto Meyer,
Rosalina Guedes Santos,
Theolis Barbosa,
Scarlet Torres Moraes Motac,
Iza Cristina Araújo Pina,
Marilda Casela,
Maria Teresita Bendicho,
Songeli Menezes Freire,
Eduardo Netto


S1_dataset.xlxs. Individual values of IFN-γ production, IFNG+874 allele, sex, age, ethnic background, IGRA and TST results for all participants in each group. Dots represent missing data.