Agri-Food Supply Chain

Published: 6 October 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/mftbg688fs.1
Md. Abdul kafi


The “agri-food supply chain” has led to great attention for researchers worldwide due to utilize it in wide range of applications in various fields. In order to understand the emerging integrated effort, it is necessary to examine the state of publications, understand the collaboration networks and evaluate the topics of interest. This study aims to assess and visualize current trend in agri-food supply chain (AFSC) domain based on publication year, collaborators, collaborations, source title, and co-occurrences as keywords. This paper adopts a bibliometric analysis methodology based on 303 papers obtained from the Scopus database between 1997 and 2021. Microsoft Excel was used to analyze the frequency and VOSviewer for data visualization. The research results shows that publications on AFSC has significantly increased since 2006. Results of this study also indicated that AFSC studies in the last two decades has explored seven major areas of “agri-food supply chain system”, “agri-food supply chain management”, “agri-food supply chain industry”, “agri-food supply chain risk factor”, “agri-food supply chain information”, “agri-food supply chain advancement”, and “agri-food supply chain risk”. Finally, among the research title, the three dominant clusters include “agri-food supply chain”, “food supply”, and “supply chains”, creating an opportunity for researchers to conduct future cross-country and cross-institutional studies through which prolific authors have constructed a core foundation for the AFSC topic.


Steps to reproduce

Bibliometric analysis, Vosviewer software and Harzing,s publish and Perish software were used to tabula the results using the Scopus database.


Universiti Utara Malaysia