Simulation Input Data

Published: 10 June 2018| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/mfw36tn9xy.2
Oladipupo (Dipo) Olaitan


Historical data from 4 months of production in a high mix manufacturing system, which has been applied in conducting discrete event simulation experiments on the system. It consists of the production records of the 18782 items that were manufactured during this period, including their arrival times, manufacturing steps and the required processing times. It also contains information about the system's available capacity during the production period, i.e. the number of operators, the working days and the amount of working hours on each day.


Steps to reproduce

The items' arrival times are given in dates and times but these can be converted to the number of minutes from a reference simulation time.


Industrial Engineering, Discrete Event Simulation, Manufacturing, Production Management