Pond cascades as a tool for ecological aquaculture allowing natural zooplankton succession, nutrient retention, and multiple stocking–harvesting cycles

Published: 12 December 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/mhfpgt54sc.1
Lenka Kajgrova, Oldřich Pecha, Koushik Roy, Jaromír Dvořák, Marek Let, Jan Potužák, Jaroslav Vrba, Martin Bláha


Includes raw original data on zooplankton density and certified/ accredited (A) analysis reports of water qulity (concentrations of nutrients etc.) from accredited third-party laboratory (Povodí Vltavy, State Enterprise, in Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic). Data are on month-wise bases (from April to December). Full raw dataset refers to four shallow fishponds (ca. 1–3 ha and 1 m mean depth) in South Bohemia (Czechia). The fishponds are in the protected area due to the water reservoir Jordan, which is located downstream. The ponds under study are in one catchment, in a cascade interconnected by a channel. There was no continuous flow through the cascade; water was manipulated in batches. Fishponds were operated in short, multiple cycles within one growing season. For more information see Methodology section of our paper (link below).


Steps to reproduce

The fishponds are property of the fishery company Štičí líheň – ESOX spol. s.r.o.. If one wants to reproduce the data, contact the company and follow the Methodology section in the publication (link below). ). The ponds under study are located within a single catchment, in a cascade interconnected by a channel and hereafter consecutively labelled as follows: A – Podedvorný (GPS: 49.4680314N, 14.6435561E), B – Liderovický (49.4671728N, 14.6482731E), C – Ministerský (49.4661347N, 14.6511228E), and D – Utopený (49.4648769N, 14.6538258E).


Jihoceska Univerzita v Ceskych Budejovicich Fakulta rybarstvi a ochrany vod


Nutrient, Fish, Aquaculture, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Ecosystem Functioning, Zooplankton, Carbon, Aquaculture Sustainability, Freshwater Ecology, Pond, Freshwater, Freshwater Fisheries


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