Comparative Analysis of Software Solutions for Preventative Testing and Test Prioritization

Published: 26 March 2024| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/mhpt73w2y2.2
Soham Patel, Kailas PATIL, prawit chumchu


In order to collect the data for this comparison study, the programme was independently tested and evaluated according to predefined criteria. A lot of study has been done to find possible tools that can meet our demands. Online assessments, industry expert advice, and input from the development and testing teams have all been considered in this study. Software comparison and code review tools are included in Code Review Tools Comparison.xlsx. Desktop Automation Framework Comparison.xlsx: This is a comparison between the desktop automation framework and binaries. Comparing dynamic code analysis tools is included in Dynamic Code Analysis Tool Comparison.xlsx. This contains a comparison of the mobile automation framework and binaries (mobile automation framework comparison.xlsx). Comparison of mobile testing cloud services and platforms is included in Mobile Testing Cloud Comparison.xlsx. Static Code Analysis Tool Comparison.xlsx: This compares security analysis solutions with static code analysis tools. Comparing unit testing frameworks and tools is included in Unit Testing Tools Comparison.xlsx. Web Automation Framework Comparison.xlsx: This file contains a comparison of web automation frameworks.



Software, Software Engineering, Software Testing, Testbed, Comparative Study, Software Bug Prediction