Bedload Monitoring With Hydrophones: A Field Validation

Published: 22 April 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/mj6m7cnsst.1
Mohamad Nasr,
, Thomas Geay, Sebastien Zanker, Alain Recking


These data support the paper manuscript entitled "Bedload Monitoring With Hydrophones: A Field Validation" submitted to EGU Journal of Earth Surface Dynamics. The folder "Acoustic Samples" contains acoustic measurements samples labeled with the name of each river and the date of measurement. The Excel table "Acoustic_Power_Drifts.xlsx" contains, for each river, the acoustic power calculated for each drift and the corresponding position. The folder "Artificial River Modeling" contains the data for the set of 1000 artificial rivers used in the acoustic modeling and the corresponding results. These results are also presented in section 4.4 in the manuscript. The supporting information document provides mainly the bedload flux, and acoustic power measurements for each river, and summary of the data from Geay et al. (2020).



Earth Surface Sediment Transport, River Dynamics, Environmental Acoustics