Data for: Bacterial communities in Haemaphysalis, Dermacentor and Amblyomma ticks collected from wild boars of an Orang Asli Community in Malaysia

Published: 20-12-2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/mjh3c5y56f.1
Sazaly AbuBakar,
Chee Sieng Khor,
Shih Keng Loong,
Jing Jing Khoo,
Kim-Kee Tan,
NurHafiza Zainal,
Fang Shiang Lim


Supplementary Materials Table S.1 V6 amplicon sequencing results for each tick sample. This table file provides the number of reads pre- and post- quality filtering for each tick sample. Table S.2 Relative abundance of the bacterial taxa in each tick sample. This table provides for the complete list of the bacterial taxa and the associated relative abundance in each of the tick sample.