Battery Synthetic Dataset and Degradation Diagnosis Code

Published: 18 April 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/mjy453j33n.1
Ze Wu


The dataset includes synthetic data for NMC-811 battery, which is generated by the mechanistic model in Matlab. Corresponding article: “Battery degradation diagnosis under normal usage without requiring regular calibration data, Journal of Power Sources, Ze Wu, Yongzhi Zhang, Huizhi Wang." The first four columns in the dataset are LLI, LAMPE, LAMNE, and SOH, and the rest are corresponding IC sequence values. The data is used for degradation mode diagnosis based on Gaussian process regression, and the code is the core part used for diagnosis. This information is explained in the code. More details can be found in the corresponding paper, thank you for your interest.



Chongqing University


Lithium Battery