Data for: Exploratory Behavior and Developmental Skill Acquisition in Infants with Down Syndrome

Published: 19 February 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/mk38nk4yd7.1
Emily Schworer, Lisa A. Daunhauer, Mark Prince, Amy Needham, Elizabeth A. Will, Deborah J. Fidler


This dataset represents one timepoint of data collection for a sample of infants with Down syndrome. Complete Bayley-III information is provided, as well as demographic information and child medical/health history information. In addition, infants were administered a short exploration task that involved presenting the infant with a teether in their line of vision, and then placing it on the table before them. Exploration trials were coded for the percentage of time the infant spent visually, manually, and orally exploring the object.



Down Syndrome, Human Development