Cytoskeletal reorganization of rabbit Achilles tenocytes stimulated with PDGF-BB in vitro

Published: 7 July 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/mk7fjwhcpf.1
Johanna Buschmann


We present data on the cytoskeletal reorganization of rabbit Achilles tenocytes in vitro when stimulated with 20 ng/mL PDGF-BB against corresponding cell cultures without PDGF-BB. We address size, F actin green intensity, alpha-tubulin red intensity and the cell aspect ratio. Furthermore, aspect ratio under stimulation of PDGF-BB supplementation (with 20 ng/mL PDGF-BB or without supplementation of PDGF-BB) was also determined in the presence or absence of inhibitors in a 40 μM concentration and 5 % fetal bovine serum in vitro. The following inhibitors were applied: SB203580 = inhibitor for MAPK; LY-294002 = inhibitor for PI3K; PD153035 = inhibitor for EGFR. Furthermore, aspect ratio was assessed under DMSO = dimethyl sulfoxide (solvent of the applied inhibitors) or in medium = basal culture medium (with 10% fetal bovine serum).


Steps to reproduce

Rabbit tenocyte cultures supplemented with 20 ng/mL PDGF-BB were compared with corresponding cultures without PDGF-BB. Cells were stained for F-actin cytoskeleton (Phalloidin-Alexa488) and for α-tubulin (Anti-alpha tubulin antibody [TU-01] (ab7750)). Microscopic analysis was performed to determine cell size, F-actin green intensity, α-tubulin red intensity and the aspect ratio.


Universitat Zurich, UniversitatsSpital Zurich


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