Saltwater Intrusion into the Valdivia River Estuary (40°S). Fondecyt 1171171

Published: 2 June 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/mkb74kmpzt.1
José Garcés-Vargas, Wolfgang Schneider, Andre Pinochet, Andrea Piñones, Francisco Olguin, Daniel Brieva, Yongshan Wan


These data are derived from the project CONICYT/FONDECYT (grant number: 1171171) entitled "Seawater intrusions into the Valdivia-Tornagaleones estuarine system today and under future scenarios with increasing greenhouse-gas concentrations" The first sheet corresponds to records every 5 minutes of salinity and depth derived from a CTD installed at the bottom of the Río Valdivia (73,278°W, 39,8511°S) from November, 22, 2017 to July, 31, 2018. The CTD’s conductivity sensor unfortunately was configured for the range 13 a 63 mS cm-1, meaning that only salinities above about 9 PSU, depending on the river’s bottom temperature could be measured. The following sheets are hydrographic measurements, CTD casts, which were carried out along the central axes of the Valdivia river estuary between November 2017 and August 2018 just covering all four seasons of the year. CTD profiles were measured at 14 about equally spaced stations along the Valdivia river estuary during both, spring and neap tide periods of all seasons. The profiles were taken with a horizontally configured and mounted pumped Seabird 25 CTD, which allowed a slow sampling from close to the surface to close to the bottom. The raw data were processed following the manufactures guidelines and were averaged to a vertical resolution of 0.25 m. Only pressure and salinity (PSU) are available. The dates of the individual short cruises involved were 29/11/2017 (sheet 2017_11_29_spring_season_neap_t), 06/12/2017 (sheet 2017_12_06_spring_season_spring), 11/01/2018 (sheet 2018_01_11_summer_season_neap_t), 01/02/2018 (sheet 2018_02_01_summer_season_spring), 08/05/2018 (sheet 2018_05_08_fall_season_neap_tid), 17/05/2018 (sheet 2018_05_17_fall_season_spring_t), 19/08/2018 (sheet 2018_08_19_winter_season_neap_t), 12/08/2018 (sheet 2018_08_12_winter_season_spring)



Earth Sciences, Physical Oceanography