Data for: Agricultural production in the United States and its synchronism with the cycles of solar activity

Published: 22 December 2022| Version 6 | DOI: 10.17632/mmb7gtjwyz.6
, C. A. Zuniga-Gonzalez,


The present work focused on estimating the cross-correlation between the time series of agricultural production variables and the variables of the Space Weather Wolf Number (W) in the United States, in both cases the annual averages were processed. The Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) methodology was used.


Steps to reproduce

1) All the data was organized in an EXCEL book 2) Used Microcal Origin 6.0 tools (Mitchell, 2000, Yamashita et al., 2021) 3) Wolf Number series and the geomagnetic index "aa" 4) "cross-covariance" was used, which measures the similarity between two signals (in time or space), in order to find notable particularities in a signal at an unknown threshold through comparison.


Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Nicaragua Leon, Ministerio de Ciencia Tecnologia y Medio Ambiente


Applied Sciences, Physical Sciences