Data for: Radiation characteristics of water droplets in a fire-inspired environment: a Monte Carlo ray tracing study

Published: 11 April 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/mmn45p44rt.1
Bifen Wu, Xinyu Zhao


This is the benchmark data of fourteen water radiation cases. The absolute values of the radiative heat fluxes and their corresponding standard deviations obtained from 50 statistical runs are included. Three groups of calculations are carried out to study the radiative attenuation of water mists and their interactions with the radiative sources when: (i) only radiation of wall is considered; (ii) only radiation of gas is used; and (iii) radiation from both wall and gas are accounted for. For all three groups, a constant atmospheric pressure is used. The corresponding absorption coefficients are equal to 1.149 (1/m) and 0.233 (1/m) when gas temperatures are 1000 K and 2000 K, respectively. The emissivity of the wall is assumed to be unity with 1000 K and 2000 K, respectively. For the cases involving water mists, the anisotropic scattering model is used to account for the scattering behaviors. A detailed description of the test configuration and the key parameters involving in the fourteen cases can be found in the full paper.



Thermal Radiation