Result of daily test for water treatment plant Kirkuk, Iraq for January 2011

Published: 21 May 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/mnsz3d3nv5.1
Faisel G Saber


The information from the laboratory of the Kirkuk unified water treatment plant used in this dataset is for January 2011 only. This information is in the form of tests for raw water, water output from the sedimentation basins, and water output from filtration. In addition, the amount of ALUM added to the water per day, the amount of chlorine used per hour, the water temperature, and the flows for each sample are also recorded. The amount of alum used per day was determined by a jar test, and the amount of chlorine used per hour depends on the amount of water processed for consumers per hour. We are interested in 5 parameters of raw water for our study. Turbidity (TU), PH, Total Suspended Solid (TSS), Total Dissolved Solid (TDS), and Electrical Conductivity (EC).


Steps to reproduce

Monthly, at a rate of 3 records per day


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