Published: 20 February 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/mnwnpfdw4n.1
, Michael Lison-Pick,


GENERAL This database is a companion to the manuscript 'Improved thermodynamic descriptions of carbides in Ni-based superalloys' published in JOM, by Richard Buerstmayr, Bernd Schulz, Erwin Povoden-Karadeniz, Ernst Kozeschnik, Michael Lison-Pick, and Sophie Primig. Please cite this manuscript and acknowledge the authors if using this database in your own work. ABSTRACT OF THE MANUSCRIPT The Ni-based superalloy René 41 has sparked recent interest for applications in next-generation aircraft engines due to its high-temperature strength superior to all similar grades. These desirable properties are achieved by careful control of the microstructure evolution during thermo-mechanical processing, which is commonly informed by simulations. In particular, the grain boundary carbides M6C and M23C6 play an essential role in controlling the grain size and strength of the final product. Therefore, a solid understanding of the thermodynamic stability and kinetic evolution of these carbides is essential. However, thermo-kinetic simulations using existing thermodynamic databases are demonstrated to have discrepancies between thermodynamic stabilities and experimental observations. Here, we collected a new experimental time-temperature-precipitation diagram. In conjunction with improved crystallographic descriptions, these experimental results are used to modify a CALPHAD database for M6C and M23C6. The modified database correctly identifies temperature regions with rapid carbide precipitation kinetics. Further, kinetic simulations and strengthening models successfully predict the hardness increase due to γ' precipitation. The modified database is applied to Udimet 700, Waspaloy, and Haynes 282, demonstrating improved results. This will facilitate more accurate simulations of the microstructure evolution during thermo-mechanical processing of advanced Ni-based superalloys for aerospace and other applications. LICENSE The modified database is openly available under the name 'mc_ni_L.tdb' on and archived here in Mendeley Data. The Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL v1.0) and Database Contents License (DbCL v1.0) apply. VERSIONS Version v1 is the exact database, which has been used in the aforementioned manuscript. Further modifications to a Co-Mo compound of gamma-prime have been applied to v2, improving the gamma-prime stability.


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See or the published article by the same authors titled 'Improved thermodynamic descriptions of carbides in Ni-based superalloys' for details.


Technische Universitat Wien, UNSW Sydney School of Materials Science and Engineering


Thermodynamics, Phase Diagram, Database